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From the board of directors, through the management to the data scientists, educational needs vary. To make effective decisions the board needs a broad understanding of the technology and its possible applications and business impact. A data scientist needs to know the best algorithms to fit the particular data they're working with. We have the capacity and the experience of working with all layers in the company to bring them up to speed with relevant educational material.

Data Analysis

One aspect of machine learning is asking the data to predict the future from the past. Another is to analyse your data without prejudice to discover important connections and correlations between the data.


Sometimes you just need to ask someone's advice. A person who has been here before. "Are we going the right way? Is there anything coming down the path we should be aware of?" Having a guide in the jungle can be the difference between life and death and IT can be a jungle sometimes. We're happy to sit in and give you the benefit of our experience.



All this clever data science is well and good, but who is going to make it work!? The coders of course, and we can help there too. We have a dedicated team of programmers who will assist your in-house team or who can operate independently.

Project Management

Machine Learning projects are not like ordinary development projects. They share common aspects but ML projects have additional steps such as feature identification,  structure optimisation, training etc. We've been through these and can manage your project for you or with you. Experience matters.


Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make
— Nick Bolstrom, Philosopher