Machine Learning Programs

Founded by three diverse individuals, Machine Learning Programs is a skilled team specialising in Machine Learning for the financial sector.


Julian Holloway

With 48 years in the finance industry and decades of the board level experience, Julian is well known in the insurance sector.

As an FCA approved director he brings invaluable regulatory and industry insight to the team.


Breanndán ó Nualláin

Breanndán is a lecturer at University of Amsterdam where he teaches Machine Learning and Data Sciences.

With 30 years of experience and over 770 citations in academic papers he informs the teams deep understanding of the area of Machine Learning.


Tom Murphy

A serial entrepreneur Tom has been behind some of the largest websites in Ireland.

Years of experience of running coding teams and projects gives him the ability to operate in the code-mines with DBA's and coders as happily as presenting to a board of directors.



about us

With the business acumen, the academic depth and the capacity to execute at the code-face, Machine Learning Programs is a turn-key team. From educating boards of directors to assisting in-house data-scientists we have proven track records at all levels.

Many companies are talking about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. But where you do you even start? And how deep is this rabbit hole you are heading down? How much is it going to cost and crucially how is it going to improve your business?

These are questions posed by CIOs, IT Directors and IT Managers around the world and while lots of people are talking about AI as the “next big thing”… how many are actually saying “We can execute for you”?

Machine Learning Programs is a company with a purpose. To help you take your treasure trove of data and turn it into valuable business asset. From early stage education to code-face programming we can assist you wherever you need it.

Come talk to us today and let us guide you.




Our Services



From the board of directors, through the management to the data scientists, educational needs vary. To make effective decisions the board needs a broad understanding of the technology and its possible applications and business impact. A data scientist needs to know the best algorithms to fit the particular data they're working with. We have the capacity and the experience of working with all layers in the company to bring them up to speed with relevant educational material.

Data Analysis

One aspect of machine learning is asking the data to predict the future from the past. Another is to analyse your data without prejudice to discover important connections and correlations between the data.


Sometimes you just need to ask someone's advice. A person who has been here before. "Are we going the right way? Is there anything coming down the path we should be aware of?" Having a guide in the jungle can be the difference between life and death and IT can be a jungle sometimes. We're happy to sit in and give you the benefit of our experience.



All this clever data science is well and good, but who is going to make it work!? The coders of course, and we can help there too. We have a dedicated team of programmers who will assist your in-house team or who can operate independently.

Project Management

Machine Learning projects are not like ordinary development projects. They share common aspects but ML projects have additional steps such as feature identification,  structure optimisation, training etc. We've been through these and can manage your project for you or with you. Experience matters.


Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make
— Nick Bolstrom, Philosopher




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