1911, 2021

Adrian Flux Insurance Services boost Loss Claim Ratios with Machine Learning

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Overview… The new partnership sees the insurance giant utilising MLP’s latest model, Propensity to Claim, to improve its loss claims ratios. Founded in 2018, MLP, who are part of Open GI, offer machine learning and artificial intelligence services to the UK general insurance and financial markets. The Results... The model which utilises machine learning insights on [...]

3009, 2021

Substance over Style

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Machine learning has been around for a while and is widely used from YouTube hobbyists to the Silicon Valley tech giants. However, the adoption of applied AI in the insurance community is still very much in its infancy. In this article, MLP’s head of product James Parry looks at how the industry can make use of machine learning tools and, more importantly, how to pick the right tools for the job.