103, 2023

Bias in Machine Learning – Part 2

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Following on from part one of my last blog – ‘what is bias and how do we avoid it?’ – there is also societal bias, and this can be a doozy! Recently there has been a big movement in art being created by AI from text. Some of it is exceptionally good and the power of these systems is [...]

2102, 2023

Bias in Machine Learning – Part 1

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What is Bias and how do we avoid it? Part 1 Bias, in simple data science terms, can be thought of as a tendance for a model to stray from the “ground truth”. That’s a broad definition and some biases are simply irritations, but others are potentially highly illegal. All data scientists [...]

2501, 2023

Tom’s Thoughts – Ethics and Machine Learning

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Ethics Ethics is not a new phenomenon to the human race. Philsophers have struggled for centuries to try and form a framework where “good” and “bad” are defined ideas, fixed and abstracted from the personal opinions of the reader and the mores of the society. Most ethicists now consider those attempts at [...]

1101, 2023

MLP welcomes new Data Scientist Experts

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Cristina Sanchez Gras and Jonathan Harris have been appointed as Machine Learning Programs' latest Data Scientists. Machine Learning Programs (MLP) has welcomed two new Data Scientists to its offices in Amsterdam. The appointments come as part of MLP’s strategic pledge to support more businesses through the power of data science. Joining MLP is Cristina Sanchez Gras. Cristina holds a [...]

1412, 2022

The Art of the Possible – Tom Murphy

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The art of the possible… As automation ramps up and aggregators grow, consumers are looking for quick insurance covers. Automated risk selection is required, but traditional computer programming is not up to the task. For years the insurance industry has tried to describe what a good risk looks like. We make our best attempt at it and accept that [...]

512, 2022

Adrian Flux Insurance Services new three-year deal with MLP

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More than £1 million cost saving on claims at Adrian Flux key to new three-year deal with Machine Learning Programs (MLP) December 2022 – Adrian Flux Insurance Services, the UK’s largest motor insurance broker, has signed a new three-year deal with Machine Learning Programs (MLP). The partnership sees the insurance specialist continue to utilise MLP’s [...]